Dipetane Fuel Treatment

Petrol & Diesel Fuel Treatment - A Cleaner Engine With up to 10% Fuel Savings

Ideal for maintaining the Diesel Particulate Filter & helps prevent engine management issues on short journeys (DPF light & limp mode)

Dipetane Key Facts:

  • Reduces fuel consumption saving you money
  • Protects injectors, valves & pumps against lower sulphur fuel
  • Protects DPF’s EGR’s & Catalytic Converters against poorly combusting fuels
  • Dipetane is suitable for all vehicle types Cars, Vans, Commercial, Agricultural, Construction vehicles and even heating fuel
  • Used by Coca-Cola (since 1989) and Sea Link

What is Dipetane?

Dipetane is a 100% hydrocarbon product, Dipetane burns the carbons that would normally cause carbon deposit build-up, therefore extending both your oil and engine life. Proven in over 100 million miles of service, Dipetane improves fuel economy, reduces emissions, extends oil life and reduces engine wear

Why choose Dipetane?

  • Save up to 10% on fuel bills and cut pollution by 25%
  • Dipetane helps to pass the MOT emission tests
  • Cleans and burns away carbon deposits from the combustion chamber
  • Reduce your maintenance costs
  • Proven performance in Europe, USA, Australia, Korea, and China

How to use!

  • Simply fill up your vehicle with an amount of litres of fuel and then pour in the corresponding amount of Dipetane, e.g. for 40 litres of fuel pour in 4 units of Dipetane
  • Each division on the 1 litre bottle treats 10 Litres
  • Each bottle of Dipetane treats 200 litres of any fuel type
  • Use Dipetane for 2 to 3 fuel fill-ups to gain the full benefits
  • There is no danger from putting in too much Dipetane
  • Dipetane is designed for continuous use


1 Litre bottle - Part No. DPOO1 - £12.00 inc. vat (1 Litre trade deals available,  5 Litre bottles also available to order, please contact us)

For more information please visit www.dipetane.co.uk